Zealandia at Night

Street: 6 Allasha Way
City/Town: Wellington

Come and discover an extraordinary story 80 million years in the making... at night!

Eighty million years ago the landmass that would eventually become Aotearoa-New Zealand broke away from the supercontinent Gondwanaland. The continent that broke away from the mainland was known as Zealandia! 

Slowly, over millennia, much of Zealandia was reclaimed by the oceans. The small islands that make up Aotearoa-New Zealand were the only visible remains of this ancient continent. This unique evolutionary process created a kind of floating ark for animals and plants found nowhere else on earth. Lost lineages and living fossils; a land of giants, where birds were at the top of the food chain...

Experience one of New Zealand's most successful conservation projects on a guided trip at night.

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