Adventure NZ is dedicated to the promotion of New Zealand as the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to experience adventure in the most breathtaking scenery imaginable.  It was founded by Ralph O'Hara on 14 March 2000. 

Ralph has done most adventure activities at least once and quite a few several times.  He's tramped, rafted, skied, bungied, skydived, windsurfed, sailed, go-karted, mountain climbed and more all over New Zealand.  Ralph is also a lifetime member and past Treasurer and President of the Thumbs Up Adventure Club based in Auckland.

He loved his outdoor adventuring so much that he decided to establish this website so that people just like you, from all over the world, can come to New Zealand and through this website, find the perfect adventure for their skills and ability.


So get your skis or tramping boots on and get adventuring.

We have plenty for you to have a look at, find what you are looking for either with a search , or browse through the Regions, describing what each has to offer or look for what you are after by activity category; see if that dream adventure is available.


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Whether it is Winter or Summer, the regions of New Zealand have it all:



And so much more.....