Marlborough – at the heart of New Zealand

molesworthstationMarlborough is located close to the heart of New Zealand, on the north east corner of the South Island, due west of Wellington city.

The commercial hub is Blenheim.  It was originally a provincial service town to the farming community, now it is increasingly geared towards urban lifestyle, visitor needs and the wine industry. At the Northern tip of Marlborough is Picton, gateway to the stunning Marlborough Sounds.


AffinitycruisesFor centuries it provided safe harbour to travellers sailing to the spectacular South Island: first the Maori traders and war parties; then explorers like Captain James Cook and Dumont d’Urville; and now, to visitors seeking rest and recreation.

The spectacular Marlborough Sounds with their vast sunken valleys provide a network of tranquil waterways to explore & admire the surrounding virgin native forest. They are home to terns, shags, herons, blue penguins, seals and native birds.


dolphin webSome of the best times to visit the Sounds is during winter when the air is clear and water is like a mirror.  

Take a Waterways Boating Safari through the crystal clear smooth waterways in the Marlborough Sounds waterways and be enthralled as bottlenose dolphins track alongside your boat. 



1000 year rimuOr you can view virgin native forest and a rimu tree over 1000 years old in areas accessible only by small boats.

For the more adventurous explore the sounds in a sea kayak or the 71km, 3 -4 day walk along Queen Charlotte Track or ski or snowboard in The Southern Alps.

For those partial to seafood there are Greenshell mussels, along with oysters, salmon, paua, and fresh water crayfish.

It’s an outdoor paradise, with native forests, trout-filled rivers, coastal tracks, sheltered bays for cruising and fishing, mountains and high backcountry – all easily accessible from its towns.


greenshellmusselcruisesFamous for its distinctive Sauvignon Blanc wine, Marlborough is a wine connoisseurs paradise. It is New Zealand’s largest winemaking region, with over 4000 hectares planted in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Reisling, Pinot Noir & Gewurtztraminer.


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