Taupo – the trout fisher’s paradise

flyfishingtaupo At the centre of the Taupo region is Lake Taupo, created by volcanic eruption several thousand years ago.  The cloud of dust from the eruption spread far and wide and is said to have even affected the sunlight in China.  The lake covers an area equivalent to the size of Singapore and is the largest fresh water lake in Australasia. 

Located in the central north island of New Zealand and only 1 hour’s drive from Rotorua, the region is a favourite destination for both domestic and international travelers attracted by the magnificent scenery, the trout fishing and the many different opportunities to experience the outdoors and adventure.

The trout are big; legendary for their size, condition and attitude. Anything under 4 pound (1.8kg) is considered a minnow

huka jetThere is plenty of action here for those seeking adventure – abseiling, bungy, climbing, diving, flightseeing, 4WD, horse trekking, hunting, jetboating, jetskiing, kayaking, motorsport, mountain biking, parasailing, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving & white water rafting.

For something more leisurely try trout fishing, cruising to the famous Maori Rock carvings at Mine Bay, relaxing on a secluded beach or cruising on the lake. Then top it off with a soak in a thermal hot spring.

At the southern end of Lake Taupo lies the little town of Turangi, known as “Adventure Central”. On its doorstep are the Tongariro River, Tongariro National Park, Kaimanawa Ranges, Lake Taupo and the Whakapapa and Turoa Ski Areas.

taupo kayakingFor further information on the Taupo region please visit www.greatlaketaupo.com

Images provided by Great Lake Taupo