Whanganui – the river city

kayakingwangWanganui is where you come for relaxation, time out, inner peace and to reconnect with your soul. Immerse yourself in art, culture & history; absorb the tranquil beauty of nature and the spirit of the Whanganui River.

Wanganui has a strong Maori and European history, which is embraced within the region and is reflected by the preservation and up keeping of heritage buildings and Marae. There is a strong and talented artist community with many galleries and studios filled with local unique artwork in many media.

The conception of time escapes you when you enter the Whanganui River Valley, the mysticism, scenery, and limited human presence will naturally take you to a level of relaxation and peaceful rapport with nature.

Wanganui is full of adventure just waiting to be discovered. The region possesses superb natural treasures in the form of the Whanganui National Park, the Whanganui River, its coastline bordering the Tasman Sea and the vast areas of farmland.

The Whanganui River winds its way from the mountains to the Tasman Sea through countless hills and valleys. Lowland forest surrounds the river in its middle and lower reaches - the heart of Whanganui National Park.

wangsteamboat Tramping tracks through wild lowland forests and river trips down the mighty Whanganui are popular activities. The area has a unique history and Maori culture is an important part of the park experience.

The Whanganui National Park possesses one of New Zealand’s “Great Walks”, The Whanganui Journey, although it is a river journey rather than a walking track. The 145-kilometre river journey from Taumarunui to Pipiriki takes an average 5 days to complete by canoe. A shorter 3-day journey from Whakahoro to Pipiriki is also possible.

Enjoy jet boating, canoeing, kayaking, tramping, hunting, fishing, and many other adventures through stunning forest scenery and farmland, head for the coastline for great fishing, diving, surfing, swimming, and kayaking options or follow the Whanganui River and streams for water perfect for catching trout and white bait, along with kayaking, swimming, and water-skiing.

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Images provided by Visit Whanganui