Maori Art & Crafts

Maori are New Zealand's indigenous people. Using New Zealand bone, pounamu (also called jade or greenstone, which is highly prized and in limited supply) and pearl shell, they carve practical items like fish-hooks and adzes and also ceremonial items like jewelry in wonderful tribal designs. New Zealand Maori of today also carve modern shaped carvings to compliment the traditional carvings designs, like whale, shark, and turtle.

We offer you the unique opportunity to purchase items that are nearly impossible to get from anywhere else on the planet. They are genuine Maori artifacts, 100% made in New Zealand, by local Maori artists.

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 Maori Bone Carving Designs 

Hei-Matau Maori Bone Carving Fishhook Pendant This Hei-Matau Bone Fishhook Carving Pendant represents prosperity, abundance and fertility.

It's a Good Luck Charm... Wearing the Hei-Matau Bone Fishhook Carving Pendant is a sign of respect for the sea and its creatures so it is also regarded a good luck charm providing protection and safety while traveling over water.

It's a symbol of power and authority which is held in great reverence by the Maori people. For other people they represent and symbolize typical NZ art and culture and religion. 

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Maori Pounamu, Greenstone & Jade Carvings 

Greenstone Maori Single Twist Pendant


This hand carved Greenstone Maori Single Twist Pendant is made from high quality Nephrite Jade (Pounamu) greenstone. 

 Imagine this beautiful necklace around your neck. 

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Pacific Pearl Shell Carvings

Black Pacific Pearl Spiral

This Black Pacific Pearl spiral is a Koru, representing the fern frond as it opens, bringing new life and purity to the world.

It also represents peace, tranquility and spirituality along with a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings 

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  Kai Maori Bone Carvings



The name Tiki (penis) is one which is applied to stone statues elsewhere in Polynesia.

It is the name of a male demigod which appears often in Polynesian mythology and is unquestionably ancient.


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Toki (Adze)

Toki (Adze)


The beauty of jade is unsurpassed with its semi translucent look and swirls of green that seem to float deep within the stone.

Hold a jade carving up to the light and you will truly be looking into another world.

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